IUSB hosts State of the Union watch party on Tuesday

NOW: IUSB hosts State of the Union watch party on Tuesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- People attended a State of the Union watch party at Indiana University at South Bend on Tuesday as President Donald Trump delivered his address. 

The American Democracy Project hosted the watch party where close 30 people showed up. A University of Notre Dame student said he was surprised at tonight’s address. 

“I wonder if he’s trying to give the longest State of the Union on record,” he said. “I was expecting much more a much harsher tone than the conciliatory tone that’s been offered.”

President Trump touched on his accomplishments of 2018 and his plans for the rest of 2019. However, January’s partial government shutdown was still on the minds’ of lawmakers in Washington D.C. and people in South Bend. 

“It’s really hard not to believe that they have an impact on everything within the government when something like this,” said Roger Pinto, a military veteran and lead intern for ADP. 

Students listened to experts explain the impact of the government shutdown. Jamie Smith, an associate political science professor at IUSB, said tonight was President Trump’s chance to make his case to the country after Congress successfully reopened the government. 

“I think that after a tumultuous couple of weeks, with the government shutdown, this is President Trump’s opportunity to make his case to the entire country,” Smith said.

President Trump urged Americans to choose ‘greatness’ during his address. Shane Inez, an IUSB student, said he hopes the changes to the opioid crisis, criminal justice reform, and decreased unemployment rate are seen locally soon. 

“I just say now it’s the time to wait and see if and when that greatness trickles down to our community,” Inez said. 

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