IUSB political science professor weighs in results of local mayoral races

NOW: IUSB political science professor weighs in results of local mayoral races


SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Indiana University South Bend political science professor Dr. Elizabeth Bennion was live in ABC57's studio on Wednesday morning to weigh in on the November 5 elections that decided who would lead towns and cities across Michiana.

Bennion weighed in on both South Bend and Elkhart’s mayoral races.

Democrats will keep their place in city hall but it was not with the type of landslide that there was in 2015.

“A 63 percent showing is very good for James Mueller. It does suggest, along with the fact that all incumbents won their seats in the city council, a lot of folks think the city is heading in the right direction but do want to see more economic development throughout the city, which may account for some of those no votes,” Bennion said.

Bennion said that in order for Mueller to distance himself from current Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Mueller needs to make good on a promise to bring economic development to all neighborhoods throughout the city.

On issues at polling places, Bennion said that some hiccups were expected based on the use of new machines and technology.

“It’s unfortunate and will hopefully be avoided in the future,” Bennion said. “The important thing for voters to know is that they shouldn’t leave the polling places without casting a vote.”

History was made in Elkhart on Tuesday night when the city voted in Democratic mayor, Rod Roberson.

“Unlike South Bend, we saw that the majority of Elkhart voters voted for change. They will move from a Republican controlled council and mayor to a Democratic controlled mayor and council,” Bennion said. “That building Elkhart together themed really seemed to resonate with voters.”

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