Jay's Lounge: A bar divided

“As a fan I'm super excited. And as a business owner I'm super excited,” said Jay's Lounge Owner Silvio Martino.

Martino and his staff got to work early Saturday morning.

“We bring out temporary tables. Stack seating. We bring out extra coolers for the beer,” he said.

It is not your typical Saturday at Jay's Lounge.

The bar, located in Niles, sits right on the Indiana, Michigan state line.

And will attract hundreds of fans from both sides for Saturday's big games.

“We'll be really busy for the Notre Dame game, but because we're on the state line, we have numerous Michigan fans, Michigan State fans,” Martino said.

Often, it is a bar divided.

But Martino said he is all about the Fighting Irish.

“We always have a regular that comes in for every game and he always supplies shots for everyone when Notre Dame scores. It's a good time,” he said.

Martino is confident the Irish will bring home a win from Tempe Arizona.

 “34-30 Notre Dame,” he laughed.
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