Judge rejects plea deal related to death of NeKeisha Hodges-Hawkins

NOW: Judge rejects plea deal related to death of NeKeisha Hodges-Hawkins

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- A judge unexpectedly rejected a plea deal on charges related to the July 2011 death of 17-year-old NeKeisha Hodges-Hawkins. The victim's father says he wants a fair trial for his daughter.

“My family deserves a fair trial so that’s what I want. A fair trial for my daughter. She deserves that," Kalvon Hawkins.

His daughter, 17-year-old NeKeisha Hodges-Hawkins, was shot and killed in 2011 at a party in Michigan City.

No one was charged until December 2016, when 21-year-old Charles Gerron was charged with one count of murder in her death.

“On the 24th, this will be 6 years that we’ve been doing this," Hawkins said.

But on the day set for trial in June 2017, Gerron entered into a plea agreement that would result in a reduced charge of criminal recklessness.

In court Thursday, the judge rejected the plea agreement.

“I thought they were just going to accept the plea," Hawkins said.

The case will now go to trial.

“On the 28th it’ll be her birthday. I had to bury her for her 18th birthday. She got killed four days before her birthday," Hawkins said.

Hawkins says he will continue to fight for his daughter.

“No I’m not going to let this go. I’m going to fight until I can’t fight no more. I ain’t going to stop fighting," Hawkins said.

Hawkins says support for his daughter has grown to thousands—and more than 30 people were in court with them.

Gerron’s trial is scheduled for September 18th.

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