Junior Irish Soccer Club hosts annual Memorial Day Weekend Soccer Tournament

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Most people spend their Memorial Day Weekend at the lake or grilling out with family and friends, but for some soccer fans, they're spending it at the field! Over 150 soccer teams from neighboring states and across Indiana have made their way to South Bend for the Memorial Day Weekend Soccer Tournament hosted by the Junior Irish Soccer Club. The head coach of the Junior Irish Girls Soccer Team says this tournament is a great way for all of the teams to get experience playing new teams across the Midwest.

“Different states play sort of different styles sometimes and it’s great to play teams from Ohio or Illinois or Michigan," says Henry Vu, Junior Irish Head Coach and Board Director at Junior Irish Soccer Club. "It’s a great experience for our club and hopefully a great experience for the visitors to our club.”

The three-day tournament also drives in the second highest amount in revenue for the local economy, and benefits surrounding hotels and restaurants that host visiting teams and families.

“One hundred and fifty teams come and play in this tournament and the tournament generates almost one point four million dollars," says Vu. “A lot of teams from far-off locations; it’s not great for them to drive so we’re able to help the hotels and the different local restaurants to succeed.”

With the tournament being held every Memorial Day Weekend for over 40 years, players and coaches say they look forward to it every year.

“Everyone has a great feeling of being outside and enjoying the weather and playing soccer," Vu says. "Soccer is a great sport to enjoy, especially for the youth.”

“A few weeks before the tournament I get really excited about being here with all my friends and having good competition," says a Junior Irish player, Madeline Johnson.

The championship games to wrap up the tournament are set to be held on Sunday.

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