Jurors hear Antwan Mims' statement to police

NOW: Jurors hear Antwan Mims’ statement to police


BERRIEN COUNTY Mich.--- Prosecutors played Antwan Mims' statement to detectives on Friday. Mims claims he shot, Cortez Miller and Michael Johnson out of self defense in March of 2018.

Mims told detectives that he thought his confrontation with Johnson stemmed from his friendship with Johnson's girlfriend. Mims also told detectives that he recognized Johnson when Johnson tried to rob him a year before the shooting. 

Mims claims that at the party where the shooting occurred, Johnson intentionally bumped him. He told detectives that he later saw Miller with a gun in the waist of his pants. 

Mims told detectives that it was Miller who fired the first shots inside the house. Mims said he then returned fire, first shooting and killing Johnson and then allegedly shooting Miller.

Mims then told detectives that he walked home going right past officers responding to the scene. He then got in his truck and fled the area. 

Mims told detectives that he tossed the gun he used to allegedly shoot Miller and Johnson "somewhere in Ohio." 

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