Karl King Tower Apartments residents complain about living conditions

NOW: Karl King Tower Apartments residents complain about living conditions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Karl King Tower is a senior living facility with residents on a fixed income in subsidized units.

Some say there are a whole slew of issues including bed bugs that you can see for yourself in at least one unit.

There is also a malfunctioning garbage room causing trash to pile up in apartments and sometimes hallways.

The most recent problem is a lack of hot water in the entire building.

Managers did put out a sign in the lobby dated Jan. 25. saying they are trying to repair the hot water problem.

But an anonymous resident here says it's a lot of empty promises when it comes to fixing issues like the trash chutes, bed bugs, and now the hot water.

Residents asked to remain anonymous, out of fear of retaliation.

“I paid my rent and you paid your rent or your mortgage, you're going home to hot water, you're able to shower, I'm not able to shower. Why is that fair, and why would you leave without telling us?" said an anonymous resident.

ABC57 did reach out to Karl King Holdings for comment on the issues and they directed us to another number who they say is in charge of their communications.

That number belongs to treetop development based in New Jersey and they have not returned the request for comment.

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