Keep safety in mind when riding snowmobiles

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. -- Avid snowmobile riders can't wait to hit the trails after a slow start to the season. The owner of Krupps Power Sports was worried about business, but says things are finally picking up.

Most people don't know it, but there are hundreds of miles of trails that go all the way to Van Buren County, Michigan.

Theyre marked with stop signs, crossing signs, even curve signs.

By law, riders must wear a helmet with an eye shield. It will help you see.

You also have to buy a permit to ride the trails.

One snow mobile rider, who is in the 7th grade, shared what he learned in his safety class.

"Don't ride too close to somebody cause they can stop really quickly and you can rear end them,” said Benjamin Anson.

Also, if you follow too closely, snow from the snowmobile in front of you can obstruct your view.

When a snowmobiler is coming the opposite direction, use your fingers to tell the person how many people are behind you in the group.

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