Kelly Cares Foundation hold chipping challenge fundraiser

SOUTH BEND --- Mike Golic teamed up with Paqui Kelly Saturday to raise money for the Kelly Cares Foundation.

Travelers Insurance hosted a chipping challenge for fans to participate in. Mike had to hit golf balls at a floating green.

For every ball that landed on the green, Travelers donated $100, and for every hole-in-one Travelers donated $500 to the Kelly Cares Foundation.

"You have that fight and you want to take it public, you have that choice and you don't have to do it but she chose to do it to help other people. We jump on board as Notre Damers. We are all Notre Damers helping other Notre Damers and everybody we can so the more people we can help and reach with this the better off everybody is," said Golic.

Mike Golic wasn't the only Golic we caught up with Saturday on campus.

We also ran into Bob Golic, a former All-American Notre Dame football player from 1975 until 1978.

Here's what he had to say about the USC and Notre Dame rivalry during his time at Notre Dame.

"Of course before I got to Notre Dame they had the Anthony Davis game where they came back and beat us, and then when I was here was in 1977 for the green jersey game, which was just amazing and a story of lore," said Bob Golic.

That Legendary game he is talking about is when Head Coach Dan Devine had players wear green jerseys for the first time.

The Irish beat USC 49-19 that year and went on to win the National Championship.

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