Kelly keeps team focused one play at a time

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- The Irish are ready to host Wake Forest for the final home game of the season.

But as coach Brian Kelly describes practice as perfect. He is keeping the team focused one play at a time.

"They want to go undefeated. That is really important to this group," Kelly said. "The don't talk about 11 and 0 or 12 and 0 or national championships or bowl games."

And so far, the Irish are off to a great start.

They held on to beat Purdue, Michigan and Michigan State.

The Irish needed an overtime to beat Standford.

And took on BYU to remain undefeated.

But it was not all easy for the Irish.

It took three overtimes to Pittsburgh.

"They have not showed any signs to me or anybody in the program that they are taking what they have for granted," Kelly said. "They have worked really hard to get here."

And despite the success this season,  Kelly said his team just keeps getting better and better.

"Seeing great, great instruction, great teaching, guys getting better, so as a head coach these are pretty good days," Kelly said.

But good days don't win ball games.

Kelly said his team needs to be great Saturday and stay focused.

And he has been pleased with his senior players leading the way for the freshman.

"I haven't detached myself. I've put myself more involved in it but our guys are understanding what to do and they can duplicate the process or be more consistent," Kelly said.

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