Kelly says goodbye win, hello Pittsburgh

NOTRE DAME – Well it’s on to the next one for the Fighting Irish said Head Coach Brian Kelly at his weekly press conference Tuesday. Notre Dame nabbed its first win of the season on Saturday against Michigan State. The Irish beat the Spartans 31-13.

"Now we're moving forward to Pittsburgh,” said Kelly.


Some might say it’s easier to move on after a win rather than a lose, but for Coach Kelly it’s all about just working on what needs to be fixed.


“We try to correct everything that occurs as we move forward. So we don't go back to those things relative to what happened in the past, other than we try to correct those mistakes and then move forward,” said Kelly.


Looking back on the Michigan State game Kelly said there’s more than just the victory to be proud of. "I think if there's one thing I took away from the Michigan State game, other than the victory, is that we played so many players,” said Kelly.


They didn’t just put players on the field. They put players on the field who did what they needed to.


"You take a look at all the freshman that played. We got performances from so many people,” said Kelly.


Kelly said the key from here on out is to keep up the maintenance, "We continue to clean up the little things because the big picture looks really good to me,” said Kelly.


This Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh marks the 67th meeting between the two teams.

Kickoff is scheduled for 12:07 p.m. E.T.

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