Kelly: "They want to fricken win, they want to win."


Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly says he doesn't need to worry about his team's motivation for the rest of the season.

"These kids, all these kids come to Notre Dame because they want to be challenged," Kelly said.

This season has provided many challenges with the Irish starting off the season 2-5, but Kelly said the team's motivation revolves only around one thing at this point.

"They want to fricken win, they want to win," Kelly said. "There's no carrot there that is really more appealing to us than wanting to win a football game."

This season is creeping towards a historically bad season for Notre Dame. When asked if that could provide any motivation towards his team, Kelly said reminding his team won't solve anything.

"If I've got to get them motivated to be successful by using 'You guys don't want to be one of the all time losing-est football teams then we've recruited the wrong guys. These guys have a ton of pride. I don't have to hit them in the nose with a newspaper and remind them of that," Kelly said.

It's tough to see from the outside what the Irish have to play for. The National Championship is long gone, and even a bowl game looks like a long shot at this point. Notre Dame will have to win four out of their five final games just to become bowl eligible. 

The Irish host Miami Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium at 3:30 ET.

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