Knox sees three arson cases in three weeks

NOW: Knox sees three arson cases in three weeks
KNOX, Ind. -

Knox has seen three arson cases in three weeks. Investigators are still searching for suspects, in what the chief says is an unusual flash of fires.

“We can go a whole year without having three total, and to have three in three weeks is unheard of for us,” said Knox Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost.

Investigators say they don’t believe the three incidents are connected.

The fire trail was set ablaze on April 27 on East Street.

On May 2, a home on McGill Street caught fire.

Then, about a week later, on May 10, flames demolished half a duplex on Spruce Drive.

Those three homes went up in flames within a three-hour window, all less than two miles away from each other.

“A big red flag would be if all three houses were owned by the same owner or if the same person was seen in the area at the time of the fire, but we don’t have that right now,” said Chief Pfost.

What they do have is evidence of an ignitable liquid, like gasoline or kersone, which was found in all three homes.

“The fire was determined to have been set in this area. This is a bedroom on the Southwest corner,” said Fire Chief Pfost, pointing toward one side of the house on McGill St.

Plus, Chief Pfost says finding holes in the floor, especially near a doorway, is also a clue that someone intentionally set the fire.

Investigators spied this sign in homes number two and three.

Luckily, no one was inside any of the rental homes when the flames ignited.

As investigators inspect smoldered siding and charred chairs, they have one request of the public:

“Just keep your eyes open. If you see something, say something,” said Chief Pfost.

If you have any information regarding who may have started the fires, please reach out to the Knox fire or police departments.

You can also call the arson hotline at 1-800-382-4628.

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