Knute Rockne's home off the market

The half-a-million dollar home that legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne and his family lived in when he died in 1931 is no longer on the market. The house has been up for grabs for nearly three months, but Thursday two Notre Dame Alum signed their name on the dotted line.

Joseph, Morgan and their kids are now the third family who will live in the house in the eighty years since Rockne died.

They are a group of kids who have yet to enroll in elementary school, but they already have college on their minds.

“All of our kids have started going to games at about one-month old,” said Morgan, the homeowner.

Notre Dame has become a staple to these young boys, because their mom and pop are alum.

“I joke that I had no option on where to go to school, Notre Dame was it,” said Morgan.

With Notre Dame comes the familiarity of legendary coach Knute Rockne.

He is the most winningest coach in Irish history and a piece of him is now a piece of theirs.

“When the ESPN story hit that Knute Rockne's house was for sale and I sort of jokingly at the time said to Morgan, ‘Hey we should go buy that house.' We realized that it was a real possibility and we actually did make it a reality to be able to move,” said Joseph, Morgan's husband.

The couple's desire to buy the house stems from the first place in Michiana they called home just two miles away and it helps that the University of Notre Dame runs deep in Morgan's blood.

“I'm a fourth-generation Domer,” said Morgan.

The original pink tiles, the entrance way, Morgan and Joseph said will remain authentic.

“Everything that is original will be kept the same,” said Morgan.

The Irish Alum say the house is an added bonus to the plans they already made to make sure they raised their family in the town that brought them together.

“We knew that no matter what we always wanted to come back here and live in South Bend,” said Morgan.

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