Kosciusko County prepares for the winter storm that could impact them the most

NOW: Kosciusko County prepares for the winter storm that could impact them the most

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind -- As many anticipate possibility of heavy snow this week, officials say they are limited with their preparation because of the rain arriving prior to the snow.

"It’s going to be a difficult one because you know anything that you already put down, leftover salt on the road will be washed away and pre-treating is not going to be an option because of the rain. So, dealing with it as it hits the road is going to be a challenge," said Kosciusko County Highway Department Superintendent Steve Moriarty.

A challenge that some residents are prepared for.

"I got for my plow and my side by side. Just in the event that we don’t really want to scoot around in the vehicles. We know that it’s supposed to start raining later on tonight and then switch to snow and I think Wednesday morning is going to be something else," said Kosciusko County resident Derick Elkins

While others are still optimistic.

"I’m still a little skeptical that it’s going to happen but if it happens I’m just going to stay at home with my dogs and my husband," said Kosciusko County resident Awdri Hetler.

Officials with the Kosciusko County highway department say the way this storm is predicted, there are a few things they need to account for.

"With the snow total running higher than we’ve had in the past 5 years, we’re expected a lot of drifting. It’s going to be a wet heavier snow. It’s going to be harder to push. We’re going to go through more fuel," said Moriarty. 

All of which have been calculated into the 26 routes,  covering over 1,100 miles as they prepare to hit the roads Wednesday at seven in the morning.

One concern, are rural areas, due to the amount of wind that will blow more snow onto the roads.

"The rural roads are very concerning as well. Making sure that we have a rural every road every day here at the county and trying to make sure we cover all those roads," said Moriarty.

Regardless of which roads are traveled, the county has prepared their mix for the safety of vehicles on the road.

It’s the mixture of four scoops of sand and one scoop of salt, that helps create this mixture of salt and salt, to assist with the abrasion and grip of vehicles when they’re stopping on the road.

"We just want them to be safe and that’s our whole goal is to make sure we get a safe dependable road," said Moriarty.

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