Kroc Center prices too high for some families

SOUTH BEND, Ind- The Kroc Center hosts its grand opening this weekend but it wont open without a controversy.

Some feel that the $57.00 rate for a family of up to five each month is too high. Also under fire is the $45.00 rate for an individual. Those rates do compare to other workout facilities in our area like, ICE, Pinnacle, YMCA and Anytime Fitness, but many are taking issue with the fact that this is a community center.

"I think it's kinda ridiculous. The price is too high," Andrea Paczkowski, a mother of two kids from South Bend said Wednesday, "In this area, in this economy, right now people are having a hard enough time trying to make it, let alone, pay for an over priced fun zone."

'It did cost a lot of money, but the facility was bought for them by Joan Kroc's generous gift. It so anybody can come, the memberships are extremely affordable," Major Bob Webster said.

In fact if you sign up before February 5th you can save quite a bit of money. The one time registration fee will be waived and each month will come at a discount.

The $57.00 price for a family of five before February 5th will cost $47.50 a month for up to 12 months.

The $45.00 individual adult price before February 5th will cost $37.50.

Memberships can be paid monthly or annually. Annual rate is the monthly rate multiplied by 12.

Also a continued controversy is where the Kroc Center is located. It was built along West Western Avenue on the city's west side.

"It's low income, it's in the middle of what most people in the area call the ghetto and people from Granger and things wont want to travel out here," Packowski said.

"This is known as an area that wasn't all that great and years past there have been a number of things that have happened here, but the Kroc Center has totally changed the area," Webster said.

There is also a scholarship program set up based on income. It can in qualified cases reduce the fee by 25% 50% or even up to 75%.

To check out the Kroc Center for yourself just click here.

To see how you may qualify for a scholarship to reduce the cost click here.

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