Lack of heat, cockroach infestations at Washington-Colfax Apartments

NOW: Lack of heat, cockroach infestations at Washington-Colfax Apartments


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- No heat, no hot water.

Those are just two of the many issues that tenants at the Washington-Colfax Apartments are forced to live with.

"The lack of heat, just wait until you see my apartment," says Steve Beno.

Beno has lived at the Washington-Colfax Apartments for just over six years. 

He says, it's been getting bad over the past year, but it's been particularly hard to live in, over the past couple of months. 

"You need to have heat, you can feel registers, there's no heat," says Beno. "That white coat over there, that's what I wear when I want to watch TV and lay on the couch."

Beno's apartment is cold, and he explains they haven't had hot water in more than eight days. 

But he says, that's only part of the problem.

ABC57 News was in shock, when he took us on a tour of the complex and his apartment.

Cockroaches were all over, in plain view.

Between the infestations, and the stench emitting throughout the hallways, ABC57 News chose to finish the interview outside.

Beno says, he's getting evicted for being a nuisance tenant and constantly complaining. 

"This place needs to be shut down," he says simply. 

ABC57 News reached out to the company that runs this building, "South Bend Investments," but did not hear back.

ABC57 News also reached out to the city code enforcement, when we first were alerted to the lack of heat. 

The director, Randy Wilkinson, responded with the following statement.

"Code Enforcement currently has an open case on the Washington-Colfax apartments. A public hearing date has been set for February 22 at 1:30 p.m. on the 13th floor of the County City Building. At that time we have five units coming into the hearing. This issue was first brought to our attention on January 19, and we have been ticketing the owner since then. Code Enforcement would like to remind residents that all properties must have functioning heating systems that maintain 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If residents experience issues regarding heat or have questions about the proper use of heating sources, contact Code Enforcement at 574 235-9486.”  

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