Large drug seizure in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Police say Michiana is a bit safer thanks to a large drug seizure in South Bend.

Investigators collected paraphernalia Wednesday and apprehended three suspects.

St. Joseph County, South Bend and Mishawaka police are just a few of several agencies involved in the investigation, which lead them to a rented house on Fillmore Road.

Landlord of the property, Eugene Williams says he had no idea what his resident was up to.

“I don’t like to have no dealers in any of my properties. I don’t like it, and if I had known this was going on, I’d have them evicted out,” Williams said Friday.

SWAT went through the house Wednesday and found a large amount of evidence including cocaine, heroin, pills, meth, three guns, money and a money counter.

Three suspects were apprehended and are awaiting charges.

 “This was a significant seizure certainly, and the information that is still being developed by investigators suggests that this may have a pretty good impact on the local drug scene,” St. Joseph County Police Assistant Chief Bill Thompson said.

As for Williams, he says he’ll be vetting his residents more closely from now on.

Police are withholding the names of the suspects until formal charges are handed down.

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