Last minute shopper helps saves Christmas for family in need

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A staggering 24 million Americans will not complete their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve.

Right here in Michiana, people flocked to stores like Target for some last minute items, grabbing up the all of this year’s steals and deals.

While others were busy make sure their family has a Merry Christmas, there was one shopper looking to spread Christmas cheer to a family in need.


Although Jennifer Lippelt says she was doing a little last minute shopping, unlike many it was not because she was procrastinating. She was trying to save Christmas for one Michiana family.


"I'm helping a needy family that I found out about just a couple days ago. There was a plead on Facebook by a friend, so I came to get a couple extra toys for them," says Lippelt. 


Having experienced some rough Christmases herself, Lippelt knows what a difference a little help and compassion can make. Even though Lippelt does not know the family personally, she decided to give back when she saw the Facebook post. 


"I believe her landlord had his property foreclosed on, so that’s why she had to get out immediately".


The woman from that Facebook post said she used all her Christmas savings to find a place for her and her five kids.



"Doing kind things and trying to take a minute during the hustle and bustle to be nice to people, that is what it's all about," says Lippelt.


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