LaVille High School hosting 1st Annual Special Needs Prom

 LaVille High School is hosting their 1st Annual Special Needs Prom Friday morning from 10 am to PM.

Students in the special needs programs in Marshall, Stark, and parts of St. Joseph counties can expect to come in to school that morning, get their hair, make up, and nails done, and get all dressed up. 

After that, they'll be getting in limos and driving around the block to be dropped off at prom.

The teacher who set up the entire celebration for her students, Tammie Radican, told ABC 57 news,

"You know these kids are just like anyone else. They want to be included, they want to have friends, they want to engage, they want all of those other things but they don't always know how to get them. So I think that for me that's part of what this is all about because when this is all turned on it's beautiful."
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