Lawmakers consider bill to stop need for some professions to be licensed

INDIANA -- Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would stop the need for some professions -- like hairdressers -- to be licensed.

And that has some in the cosmetology industry outraged!

Kaye Maxwell has been a stylist for 62 years.

She says doing away with licensing would devastate her industry, and customers wouldn't be happy either!

“Hair is very important to people!” said Kaye Maxwell, the owner of the cosmetology school.

"We are going to listen to the testimony and decide what to do then. I would guess there will be some changes in the cosmetology part of it,” said Rep. David Wolkins, (R) Kosciusko County.

"Kind of a slap in the face. You don't have to be educated to cut hair. That's pretty much is what the man is saying,” said Dave Doolin, a cosmetology student.

Kosciusko County Representative David Wolkins authored the bill, which also impacts dieticians, private investigators and security guards.

There is a petition to stop the legislation.

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