Leaders share train traffic concerns

NOW: Leaders share train traffic concerns

ELKHART, Ind. – Officials in Elkhart County are sounding off about the uptick in railroad traffic in their community. They sent a letter to the Norfolk Southern Board of Directors Thursday expressing concerns over community safety.

“I lived in Willard street for 22 years I moved they put an overpass right there on prairie then they had the one on Indiana Avenue now they’re gonna have one right here," said Goshen Resident, Mike Salgle.

An additional rail line was added along the US 33 corridor between Elkhart and Goshen a few years ago. As expansions continue residents have had enough.

“The railroad company owns the tracks I get that. I own my house you ain’t gonna tell me what color to paint it I get it. At least be considerate of the people who live around here and have to get to work and have to go over them tracks or have to go over them tracks to get groceries to feed their family," said Goshen Resident, David Daniels.

Daniels says it’s not uncommon to wait hours at a stop causing terrible traffic within his subdivision.

“I gotta go down the block quite a ways. I find myself racing trains. I shouldn’t have to do that. That is insane. I’ve never had to race a train before in my life," said Daniels.

Blocked crossings have continued to cause negative impacts for the community - such as delays for ambulances and firetrucks when responding to emergency calls.

“If my house value drops because of it that’s gonna highly frustrate me because I work my butt off every day to pay for what I have," said Daniels.

We’ve reached out to Norfolk Southern, for a response to this letter, but haven’t heard back at this time.

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