LGBTQ Center and Potawatomi Zoo host Pride Night

NOW: LGBTQ Center and Potawatomi Zoo host Pride Night

The LGBTQ Center partnered with the Potawatomi Zoo for Pride Night on Wednesday. It was a chance for people to go to the zoo and meet others while supporting the advocacy group.

"If you think you're the only LGBTQ family in South Bend and you come here and you see over 100 different people that are here their families and it just really kind build that idea you know there's a lot more of us out here than people think there are," said HR Jung, the Executive Director of the LGBTQ Center.

A portion of each ticket sold will support the LGBTQ Center.

"It's a good day to come out and see what other people have available what other organizations are in town what they can do for the LGBTQ community and also just see the rest of the community to get to know who else is here in Michiana," Jung said.

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