LimeBike introduces electric scooters as a possibility for South Bend

NOW: LimeBike introduces electric scooters as a possibility for South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Yea it would fall into the same category, you know just be courteous of where you put them. Try to find a commercial spot or something,” said Bryan Wynen, Owner of Rackhouse Tavern and Grill n U.S. 23 near Notre Dame.

Wynen is excited to hear that South Bend could be adopting a new set of wheels this year. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg first announced that the city was looking into the idea of bringing in Lime-S electric scooters made by Limebike during his State of the City address in march after he told us that LimeBikes were a success.

“Saw rides that were done during heavy snow storms this winter which was kind of interesting that people tried to do that. I think they’ve been really beneficial,” said Wynen.

So Thursday, LimeBike officials were on the IUSB campus to put that product on display for students, showing off the potential of the 14 mile-an-hour scooter to students in hopes they can gain some positive support.

“Because you’ve got a number of people that might want to ride with a group, but might not be able to ride as fast as a group or may not be able to keep up with the group due to their physical abilities,” said Wynen.

Business owners see a large amount of LimeBike traffic on U.S. 23, just minutes away from Notre Dame and the downtown area. Wynen says it seems like a real benefit, but he’s also seen a lot of misuse with the bikes which he says begs the question, ‘are we ready yet?’

“I’d like to see people be more courteous when they’re done with the bikes. Just to get them off the sidewalks and areas where handicapped people might be trying to come through,” said Wynen.

Requirements, like having a valid license, suggested helmets, and age limit come with the new wheels. Wynen says he’s all for new projects in the city, but that addressing some current issues, like the LimeBike damage may be a good idea before moving forward first.

“The damage part, there’s not a whole lot anybody can do, some people are just not going to be nice and it’s unfortunate that that happens but as far as the clutter goes, I think the city does have to address maybe some stands,” said Wynen.

South Bend does not have any Lime-s scooters available for riders yet. For more information on these electric scooters click here, and make sure to stick with us to find out more about if and when the city plans to adopt them.

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