Lines at early voting still longer than anticipated

Greg Lindorf and Penny Lindorf  were the second ones in line at Sunday’s early voting in South Bend.

We expect a big, big crowd this year. We didn’t want to procrastinate,” said Greg Lindorf. “My stress will be less I believe, I just have to wait then and see what the results will be.”

Kevin Auman decided to come and vote early for the first time because of schedule conflicts.

I figured I might as well do my part  and come vote so here I am,” said Auman.

When asked how he would feel after casting his vote Auman said, “Relief for sure it’s weight off my shoulders lot of people have different feelings on both candidates so everybody want their candidate in so everyone is going to turn out for this election.”

People mostly came to avoid the line, but everyone is just hoping this doesn’t take longer than voting on the actual day.

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