Live shows returning to Lerner Theater

NOW: Live shows returning to Lerner Theater

ELKHART, Ind.--- The Lerner Theater is having its first live shows in seven months this weekend. The theater will be hosting performances of the musical 'Freaky Friday'.

"For us it really means community because we’re able to open up and serve our community again," said Michelle Frank, Executive Director of the Lerner. "Not just for the patrons that are coming here but for everyone who’s coming downtown and frequenting the restaurants."

The performances are being put on by Premier Arts. Executive Director Craig Gibson says he's relieved to return to live indoor performances after the pandemic decimated the live theater industry in 2020.

"We never stopped working the whole time the pandemic was on," said Gibson. "We went out and did outdoor things, but there’s nothing like the accoutrements of the Lerner and really feeling like you’re being home again."

This weekend also marks the return to larger Mother's Day celebrations after many were canceled last year due to lockdowns.

"I just thing it will be great to bring your mom downtown and be able to do something because during the pandemic right in the heart of it we were shutdown at this time," said Frank. "We were all in quarantine."

Gibson says Friday's turnout gives him hope that the "City with a Heart" didn't lose its heart for live theater. 

"Many of the people that you see behind us are our season subscribers, they’re our loyal people that have been with us for years so they’re really excited to get back in the habit of coming to downtown Elkhart, at the Gateway Mile, to the beautiful Lerner Theater," said Gibson. "We’re super excited to have them."

You can purchase tickets for Freaky Friday performances here.

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