Local activists hold prayer vigil after multiple, recent shootings

NOW: Local activists hold prayer vigil after multiple, recent shootings

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Local activists came together in prayer on the heels of South Bend’s latest deadly shooting; a triple shooting taking the life of a young 25-year-old and putting two more in the hospital.

“One of the females that was one of the victims last night, I knew her personally,” says Bruce Mitchell, organizer of the prayer vigil.

The shooting hit too close to home for Mitchell, who says he and many family members grew up on Philippa Street and knew one of the women wounded in the shooting. He says he planned the vigil to bring the community together in a time of sadness, plagued by gun violence.

“It shows solidarity, it shows that we do care,” says Mitchell.

It also brought together some of the residents of South Bend’s west side, who are trying to combat the violence in their neighborhoods.

“When people know of the crimes and who’s committing them, we have to start speaking up,” says Tina Wilson, who lives on the west side. “Our children can’t play outside right now because we’re afraid of flying bullets.”

They think placing a focus on mental health among the community’s youth will help to solve the rising issue, as well as keeping bullets out of guns which can be as easy as wearing it on your wrist.

“The idea is that for every shell that we’re wearing is one less shell that can possibly kill another citizen here in the community,” explains Wilson.

The local organization ‘Connect 2 be the Change’ holds workshops to make those bracelets, along with wreaths and keychains. They also do a lot more work to help stop the gun violence and provide therapeutic care to those that are affected by it.

Visit their website for more information on how they’re helping the community.

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