Local American Idol superfan stays dedicated for 16 years

NOW: Local American Idol superfan stays dedicated for 16 years


STEVENSVILLE, MI. -- Another round of American Idol means another round of talent, showing everything they've got.

Did you watch?  Have you been keeping up with the show?

ABC57 News met one local Michiana woman, who's seen every single Idol episode at least once. 

"I just love to see people go after their dreams. There's something just special about that," says Barbra Otten, a self-proclaimed American Idol superfan. 

Dreams and dedication.

Those two themes of American Idol keep Otten glued to her television screen whenever the show is on. 

Sometimes even more than that.

"I watch the shows about two or three times each," laughs Otten. "I love them. I get a little emotional when I see these kids go to Hollywood or go all the way."

As a musician herself, her love of music has kept her family inspired. 

"My kids are Idol fans. My husband watches with me too. I think he's seen all of the episodes," she says.

But she's more than just your average fan. 

"I also go see them in concert," explains Otten. "I've met about 43 Idols. I even met one on a cruise ship."

She has tickets from every Idol concert she's attended, along with pictures and autographs filling four or five scrapbooks.

It's a colossal collage of her complete commitment. 

"I do make some albums of the different ones I've met. I get pictures with them, autographs of them, and put them together in scrapbooks," explains Otten. "I'm a scrapbooker. And I guess it also means I'm kind of a big fan." 

These memories and moments are bound together, and help motivate her to stay true to her own passions.

"I think it touches your emotions. It says the words you don't always get to say," she adds. "I play or listen to music every single day. I don't know why it's so powerful. But it's special."

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