Local artist uses work to enhance game day experience

NOW: Local artist uses work to enhance game day experience



Local artist Chris Stackowicz says one of the best parts of Notre Dame game day is watching the community come together. One of his goals is to enhance those fans’ experience by providing the perfect backdrop.

“I love new paint, new paintbrushes,” said Stackowicz.

His passion for art can be seen across the community, from streets to alleys, walls and hallways. All of his work is done with a purpose: to change the way people view and interact with their surroundings.

“It’s about transforming the spaces where we live and making them exciting so we feel that vibrancy and culture of life that we miss out on when you go past just another endless row of buildings and storefronts,” said Stackowicz.

And being a Notre Dame alumnus, Stackowicz says he loves the surroundings on Notre Dame game days.

“I love that people come together for six weekends a year and it’s a giant celebration. Even if Notre Dame loses it’s still a giant celebration,” he said. “I love that my work can serve as a backdrop for that.”

He’s done plenty of work for Fighting Irish alumni.

“Lots of wall paintings, lots of leprechauns, lots of text,” he said. “It does keep me connected to the community and especially to the Notre Dame community.”

He says he always strives to give his work a “Notre Dame flare” with unique designs to make it more than something that can be purchased at a shop. One of those unique pieces of work is just off Eddy Street in a garage.

“I have never experienced anything like their garage. Even if it wasn’t me who painted it, going in there, it’s pretty incredible,” he said. “I think they might have the best tailgate location for any team in the country.”

The ceiling is painted as a replica of the golden dome. And to provide an interactive aspect, it’s painted in selfie perspective.

“So no matter where you are in here, you can stand anywhere in the room. Instead of taking a selfie up against a wall, you’re doing a selfie from below looking up.”

With angels and angles it’s meant to make visitors feel like they’re right inside the golden dome.

 “On home football weekends it’s jam packed with people going in there to see it. People get frustrated because they can only see the work six weekends a year.”

But that’s what Stackowicz says he loves the most, to enhance the game day experience for Notre Dame fans.

“To know that people come in there and they get excited seeing the work and it kind of frames their experience of the campus,” he said.

Stackowicz says there’s never an end to Notre Dame’s beauty. He has many projects still in the works and many more ideas moving forward.

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