Local barber and youth mentor starts the #ShoeBeltChallenge for kids in need

Empowering kids one shoe at a time. 

That's the mission for a local barber, who is tired of seeing some of the city's less fortunate kids go without. So he's issuing a challenge for the month of October. 

It's called the #ShoeBeltChallenge. 

It's all about providing kids in need with some fresh clothing items to give them some much needed confidence.

It was started up by barber and youth mentor Kintae Lark. He says he sees too many kids walking into his shop, Inspiration school of beauty culture, with holes in their shoes or worn out belts. He wants every kid to feel their best.

Here's this month's challenge: he's asking every citizen in South Bend to find a kid in need, and donate a gently used or new pair of shoes or a belt. It's already been wildly successful, with dozens of shoes and belts brought into his shop. He says it's a token to show that no matter a kids circumstances, we support you, we love you, and we have your back.

" I thought back to my childhood," said Kintae Lark. "And I thought to myself and I remember feeling helpless. It takes a village to raise a child. And so what we are saying is we are going to come around our young children in our community and say we are going to help you to feel a little bit better. Even if it's just with a simple pair of shoes."

Kintae says if you can't find a child you're welcome to drop shoes and belts off at Inspiration on Chapin Street. Use the hashtag #ShoeBeltChallenge to spread the movement.

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