Local Black Lives Matter chapter calls for Mayor Buttigieg's resignation

NOW: Local Black Lives Matter chapter calls for Mayor Buttigieg’s resignation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend chapter of Black Lives Matter is asking for Mayor Pete Buttigieg's resignation.

The local group has organized protests and marches in the city to push for the resignation of South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski , but this is the first time they have called on the mayor to resign.

It comes in the wake of the deadly police shooting of car break in suspect Eric Logan back in June.

The activist group claims Mayor Buttigieg is "complicit in the violence perpetrated against black persons by not holding yourself, the chief of police, or the board of public safety accountable."

"We are asking for his resignation at this time due to the fact that he's undermining the situation. He's covering up and he's just making check marks off his list instead of really hearing out situation and taking it seriously," said Katheryn Redding of Black Lives Matter South Bend.

A spokesman for the mayor has not responded to multiple requests for a comment.

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