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Local Black Lives Matter chapter calls for Mayor Buttigieg's resignation

NOW: Local Black Lives Matter chapter calls for Mayor Buttigieg’s resignation


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend chapter of Black Lives Matter is asking for Mayor Pete Buttigieg's resignation.

The local group has organized protests and marches in the city to push for the resignation of South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski , but this is the first time they have called on the mayor to resign.

It comes in the wake of the deadly police shooting of car break in suspect Eric Logan back in June.

The activist group claims Mayor Buttigieg is "complicit in the violence perpetrated against black persons by not holding yourself, the chief of police, or the board of public safety accountable."

"We are asking for his resignation at this time due to the fact that he's undermining the situation. He's covering up and he's just making check marks off his list instead of really hearing out situation and taking it seriously," said Katheryn Redding of Black Lives Matter South Bend.

A spokesman for the mayor has not responded to multiple requests for a comment.

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LG 147 days ago
There's been weekly meetings in South Bend between the community, the City, and the police department to address how to improve relations, how to improve policy. Are these activists showing up to participate in those discussions?
Schwarz 147 days ago
So who is paying/ urging them to do this? Collaboration is the future. Decimation has no future.
BrianHeckaman 147 days ago
There's a legal process in place to address cases like Eric Logan, the officer who shot him, and anyone else potentially contributing to a 'problem'. It doesn't help, and frankly is highly counterproductive when the FOP lawyers step in after these types of incidents to make public statements defending officers based on initial statements (hint- officers potentially involved in misconduct will often lie to cover their ass just like anyone else). Mayor Pete isn't a dictator. As disturbing as this incident is, equally disturbing is when activists come along and expect the chief and/or mayor to roll in, ignore due process, and behave like dictators (or else resign in leau of someone else who will attempt to rule with an iron fist?). Be careful what you wish for. Historically, dictators don't side with the oppressed, but the opposite. As outlined in a another comment (noting the redditor cited by Christopher Borders), Pete seems to be doing everything *within his legal powers as mayor* to address policing issues within South Bend. If that isn't good enough, go ahead an elect some demagogue to rule with an iron fist and see where that gets you.
JamesQuinn 148 days ago
Can I ask what thus far is the evidence? The facts? Not opinions. Not feelings.No conspiracies or I heard from a guy who has a friends who's 3rd cousin claims she saw The whole thing while on the other side of town.

I'd like to leave the irrational, emotion based idiocity to Republicans and as 2020 grows ever closer to avoid dividing ourselves unless there is absolute proof of wrong doing. PLEASE!
ChristopherBorders 148 days ago
But also from SB: "I moved to South Bend about five years before Pete was elected. The police department here was Notorious. They wouldn't even approach your car for a traffic stop without six or seven squad cars sitting behind you. While South Bend is very diverse most of the cops come from the largely white surrounding areas and do not live in the city itself. Many of these cops are corn Fred Indiana country boys who want nothing more than to come into our city and feel like a badass in the danger zone. About five years before I moved here the South Bend Police Department pump 15 bullets into my best friend's brother who was unarmed.

A policing crisis didn't happen after Pete's rise as the title suggests. We have long had a police in crisis in South Bend and Pete has been first and foremost in changing that.

Pete got us community-based policing. Pete got us a citizen oversight commission. Pete made sure that that citizen oversight commission was a majority-minority. Pete got the police civil rights training. Pete got the police bias training. Pete got the police Descalation training. Pete got the body cameras instituted. Pete got the use of force database instituted. Pete has been the spearhead a virtually all police reform around South Bend for almost a decade in the New York Times wants to waltz in here and construct a narrative that reflects almost exactly the opposite. Find me a mayor, any mayor in the country who has pushed harder or more for police reform than Pete buttigieg and I will happily take their name. This isn't lazy reporting. This isn't cynical reporting. This is false reporting and narrative Construction. I want to live in a world where when the president accuses the New York Times of fake news I can go back to rolling my eyes instead reminding myself that a broken clock is right twice a day. Its a damn shame".
This was a SB redditor reaction to a recent critical NY Times article.
Cap ChristopherBorders 148 days ago
Is this false reporting? https://www.abc57.com/news/two-police-officers-injured-in-pursuit-of-wanted-man
Cap ChristopherBorders 148 days ago
https://www.abc57.com/news/two-police-officers-injured-in-pursuit-of-wanted-man . Is this false reporting.
SteveWestlake 149 days ago
Don't expect him to respond! There is nothing to respond to!
Nothing you do Steve, other than moan and groan about everyone else, yet do not hold yourself accountable.
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