Local business makes medical services more accessible to veterans

The South Bend VA Clinic provides primary care and mental health services for local veterans but those in need of specialized medical care could be looking at a trip to Fort Wayne or Indianapolis. 

One local business is trying to make specialized care more accessible to Michiana's veterans.

Penrose Physical Therapy owner Kelley Penrose, always felt a desire to serve.

“I grew up in a military family. I got to see firsthand how service men and women really serve our country,” said Penrose.

Penrose says being in the military wasn’t the right fit for her but when she noticed that local veterans were having issues finding affordable physical therapy in the area she knew how she could be of service.

“I don’t want people to spend a lot of time and a lot of money to feel well. Being able to serve in this way, in a community where we have roots that we’ve established here, is super important,” said Penrose.

Penrose offers all her services to veterans at a 50% discount and in honor of Veteran’s Day she’s offering free evaluations and initial treatments for the month of November.

Sgt. Danielle Hord with the Army Reserves took Penrose up on the deal.

“It’s important to have somebody out there for the veterans especially. Sometimes, you may not always know, somebody is there. Somebody does want to help,” said Hord.

Sgt. Hord was experiencing back pain from her recent pregnancy. She says chronic pain is something many veterans learn to live with because they can’t afford to travel for specialized care.

“So many come back from deployments injured and they don’t know what’s out there that can help,” said Hord.

Penrose says she wants veterans to know they do not have to live with pain.

“I want people to understand that they don’t have to suffer with pain, there are things that we can do to reduce pain and just make their life better in general. I feel like those that serve our country, we should be serving them and make it easy for them to receive the care that they deserve,” said Penrose.

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