Local center serving communities of color considers upping security amid recent mass shootings

NOW: Local center serving communities of color considers upping security amid recent mass shootings

SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- As the nation grapples with the Texas school shooting clamed the lives of 19 kids and two teachers, less than two weeks after another shooting in New York targeted Black shoppers in a grocery store, some local organizations are thinking about upping security measures at home.

The victims in both incidents mostly people of color, that's why a local organization that serves minority communities has considered making some changes.

The Texas school shooting marked the nation’s deadliest in a decade.

It claimed the lives of 21 people at an Uvalde elementary school made up of 90% Hispanic students.

“It’s targeted. It’s targeted from domestic terrorism to racism to looking at our marginalized communities. We’re a community center that serves our Latino, Hispanic and immigrant community and primarily a community of color so we also feel like are we are a target at one point and time, are eyes on us,” asked Juan Constantino the Executive Director of La Casa De Amistad.

The Robb Elementary School massacre on Tuesday came less than two weeks after another shooting at a Buffalo, New York grocery store targeted black shoppers.

The deadly events were a big reason why La Casa de Amistad, a youth and community center in South Bend that largely serves communities of color thought about upping its own security measures.

“When our black and brown communities are being targeted because of either their legal status or the color of their skin that’s an issue,” explained Constantino.

A Michiana local security company that specializes in active shooter training drills says they’ve already seen an uptick in interest after recent tragedies.

“They’ll be people who are curious and ask about stuff because of the horrific acts that happen and after a month the interest kind of it can’t happen here it won’t happen here, it can happen anywhere at any time,” said St. Joseph County Commissioner Derek Dieter who, the Owner and CEO Dieter Security

They said they both believe this kind of training is crucial for everyone especially in today’s climate.

“When something like this happens, it’s going to be horrific, it’s going to be quick and you’re going to have to formulate ideas of how to survive. So everybody should have a plan,” said Dieter.

“We have protocol on place but anytime this happens it almost does a let’s go through it again,” added Constantino.

Officials have not yet determined a motive in the Robb school shooting.

La casa said they don’t know how increased security would look just yet, but in the meantime they are offering support to uneasy families.

You can call the organization at 574-233-2120 to get connected to those services.

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