Local company spreads holiday cheer to families facing tough challenges

NOW: Local company spreads holiday cheer to families facing tough challenges

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Christmas came early for a few South Bend families in need on Thursday. With a little help from local company Rieth Riley, Santa paid them a visit to pass out presents and put smiles on their faces!

A Christmas sleigh, was replaced with a red SUV as St. Nicholas hit the road for a new kind of journey!I packed up my gear and followed closely behind. As the crew from Rieth Riley brought joy to those in a bind!

Employees from the company donated over $2,200 in gifts. They found families through the local schools in an area they became familiar with through their work.

“This is actually a neighborhood that we did a project in around here, a safe route to school project kind of enhancing the sidewalk,” says Josh McCormick, Rieth Riley Sales Manager.

First stop: the Settles family.

With eight kids between the ages of eight and thirteen, money was tight this year.

Oldest child, 13-year-old Kaliah worried the holiday might be tough on her little brothers and sisters.

“It’s so fun that I get to see their reactions,” says Kaliah.

She said the best part of the surprise was seeing them smile!

Next, the Rieth Riley team visited the Anderson household where Ozella Davis is raising her three grandkids.

The Anderson kids have been missing a big part of their family since their mom Yolanda passed away in 2014.Christmas time can be extra difficult.

Santa filled their living room with gifts. All the excitement brought Ozella to tears.

“I love them a whole lot, these are all I’ve got. It’s a blessing from god, thanks. Yeah, I appreciate it,” says Ozella.

“We just hope this brings a little bit of joy and we know it definitely makes us feel good and we just hope the families have a little bit better of a Christmas because of us,” says McCormick.

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