Local congressmen cast their votes on George Santos

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The United States House of Representatives voted on Friday to expel republican representative George Santos of New York. The vote comes after a House Ethics Committee released a report that found evidence that he misused campaign finances, possibly breaking federal laws.

The final tally was 311-114 in favor of expelling Santos, who becomes just the sixth representative to be kicked out, and the first since democrat Michael Myers of Pennsylvania was removed in 1980 due to a bribery conviction.

Local congressmen split their votes 3-2 against Santos' removal, with some even voting against party lines.

Michigan District 5 Rep. Tim Walberg (R) and District 4 Rep. Bill Huizenga (R) along with Indiana District 3 Rep. Jim Banks (R) voted against, while Indiana's District 1 Rep. Frank Mrvan (D) and District 2 Rep. Rudy Yakym (R) voted in favor.

“The accusations against Mr. Santos are very serious and credible. While I find his behavior appalling, every American deserves their day in court,” said Rep. Huizenga. “In the modern era, no member of Congress has been expelled without a conviction, including some recent cases where former members went on to serve jail time. I am extremely concerned by the precedent this vote sets and believe this action will likely open the door for expulsion to be used as a political weapon in the future. In America, even dirtbags deserve due process.”

Yakym was one of four Indiana republicans who voted to expel Santos. The others were District 6 Rep. Greg Pence, District 8 Rep. Larry Bucshon, and District 9 Rep. Erin Houchin.

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