Local couple build Golden Dome replica in backyard

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. --Michiana is full of die-hard Notre Dame football fans, but there is one couple that has something that sets them apart from any other Fighting Irish fan.They have their very own Golden Dome in their backyard.

It is hard to miss the 20 foot replica of the Golden Dome when you are driving by the Lekarczyk's house.

Just like Notre Dame's Golden Dome is the center of campus, the Golden Dome replica is the center of everything blue and gold here at their house.

Alan Lekarczyk says he and his family have been loyal Notre Dame fans for as long as he can remember.


"I grew up as a Notre Dame fan. My father was a Notre Dame fan and he raised me as a Notre Dame fan," says Lekarczyk.


He says it was his love for the Fighting Irish's tradition that helped him and a friend come up with the idea of building a replica of the Golden Dome. 


"I am just so proud to be a Notre Dame fan, actually because of the history".


Although it is not the real thing, it is just as impressive - standing 20 feet tall. The12 foot wide octagon towers eight feet above the ground, making it taller that the house. The couple says that it took months to make and over a week to assemble.  


"This is probably the most precious thing I have other than my children and my family."


Now it is the center of all the action on game day. Just like Notre Dame's Golden Dome, it can be seen by anyone nearby and Alan says it gets a lot of attention.


"It is brilliant. Friends, family, people come over. Neighbors drive by and people stop by just to see it - they just love it."

Alan says it is a house divided on game day. That is because his wife is a Michigan fan, but she is a good sport about it. She says she does not mind the Golden Dome, especially since her team has beaten the Fighting Irish the last three years they have squared off.

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