Local custodian raises money to help Haiti

ELKHART, Ind. — An elementary school custodian is gearing up for a big trip Haiti. She is set to leave at the end of the month. But before she does, she's working hard with Riverview Elementary School to raise money for shoes and supplies for orphans.

A month from now, Monique Harris will be on a plane to Haiti. But rather than just bringing students and orphans supplies, she's hoping to get them a brand new drinking well.

Harris is the head custodian at Riverview Elementary.

She spends most of her days cleaning up after messy kids.

But when she's not cleaning up after students, she's prepping for another group of children in Haiti.

"They're very happy people, but they don't have the means to provide for themselves," says Harris.

This includes the ten dollars a month to go to school or getting something as simple as quality drinking water.

Harris says this year she is trying to raise money buy a drinking well to save the children the 7 mile trip to get water.

For the next month, Harris will be working hard to help these students.

Whether it is through fundraisers or buying them shoes with money right out of her pocket, helping these students is expensive. But almost everyone at Riverview Elementary is picthing in.

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