Local dog's face looks like a man

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Meet Tonik. The two year old shih-zhu poodle mix that's become an internet sensation.

He lives right here in Mishawaka and his current caregiver can't believe the reaction to this puppy's face.

"No, we just think he looks like a dog," said Jen Swartz, owner, Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group. "We just thought he had a cute little monkey face."

But not everyone agrees.

"It looks like a person," said Kathryn Andersen, Notre Dame student.

"If you take away some hair, yea," said Evie Gatheight, Jr.

"Kind of like a baby face with a beard. I'm not really sure what's going on there," said Jonathan Replogle.

"He looks like Mel Gibson," said Ann Bailey.

Schwartz rescued Tonik from a kill shelter in Kentucky. His new journey began with an adoption profile on Petfinder.com. His profile picture made its  way to BuzzFeed in an article titled "This dog has a man face."

Today--the pooch's skype interview became the number one article trending on Yahoo News. '

"I got a text yesterday morning that he was on MSN and it went from there," said Schwartz.

Researchers say dogs grow to look like their owners, but Tonik doesn't need to look any more human. He just needs a home.

"We'll have to kind of weed through and see who's really serious and who's not. We've had some people from California today and New Mexico," said Schwartz.

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