Local experts react to chaos on Capitol Hill

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.-- The events on Wednesday’, Jan. 6, in Capitol Hill were unlike anything we have ever seen in modern American history.

Political experts have called the events unprecedented and saying it could have ramifications for our democracy.

“It’s concerning on multiple different levels. We’re kind of crossing into some dangerous grounds and I feel like we’ve been treading very closely, dangerously close, but now we’re there,” Chad Kinsella, Assistant professor of Political Science at Ball State said.

Events unfolded as violent protestors were seen smashing windows, roaming the halls of the Capitol building, and occupying lawmakers' offices and the House and Senate floors.

Kinsella said the raid on Capitol Hill was an outcry from pro-Trump supporters, that democracy isn’t working, and that Americans need to have real conversations to reflect and make sure people feel like things are run right.  A political science professor at the Indiana University of South worries about the long-term effect that it could have on America's democracy.

Elizabeth Bennion said the main concern is what the events mean for the state of civil society and the future of our democracy.

"The president has shown a willingness to skirt us constitution and the rule of law if it does not lead to the result that he wants,” Bennion said. “And we're seeing that his followers are now excepting and adopting that message are moving towards more active and violent means of really taking on, by any means necessary philosophy that indicates that their support for the president is stronger than their support for democratic institutions.” 

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