Local firefighters asking drivers to be more aware, cautious

Penn Township Fire Department responds to life or death emergencies every day. Lately they say they’re having one too many hold ups in traffic. Drivers aren’t pulling over quick enough or correctly. ABC57’s Andrea Alvarez went for a ride-along to see just exactly what firefighters meant.

“When we go through driver’s Ed training, the one thing were taught in driver’s ed is when you see an emergency vehicle pull to the right,” said Penn Township Fire Dept. Chief Brian P. Kazmierzak.

“It seems that recently especially on Capital Avenue State Road 331, we’ve been having problems with people not pulling to the right for the emergency vehicles,” said Kazmierzak.

Chief Kazmierzak with Penn Township Fire is hoping drivers will make better moves when they see the red lights.

“Before you do anything think. Take a deep breath and think about what your next move’s gonna be,” said Kazmierzak.

Because lately, he says many drivers have been either stopping in the way…

“You know if it’s a just a two lane road without a fast lane to where you can get to the shoulder then that’s gonna be the best option,” said Kazmierzak.

Or pulling to the wrong side of the road

“The absolute worst thing you can do is stop in that fast lane because that’s where we’re going to be traveling. We’re taught never to go to the right,” said Kazmierzak.

His advice - just take that extra second.

“We’re not gonna be upset with ya if you take a little extra time to pull to the right and slow down and get out of our way,” said Kazmierzak.

Click here to view some of the Indiana laws related to these types of situations.

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