Local flower shop affected by state shutdown

NOW: Local flower shop affected by state shutdown

BOURBON, Ind. – Heaven Scents Flowers & Gifts is also seeing the affects from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flower shop temporarily shut down on March 23rd for the first time in almost 35 years, after the business was deemed non-essential from Indiana Governor’s Eric Holcomb’s mandatory stay-at-home order.

In an interview with ABC 57, Heaven Scents Flowers & Gifts owner, Linda Stevens said this shutdown is very difficult.

“I’m kind of out of my normal element so I’m not quite sure how to start each day,” Stevens said.

Stevens said she still had a bunch of flowers still in her shop before closing and had to just throw them away.

She says she does have plans to reopen in the future when the pandemic starts to slow down and believes her business will bounce back from the temporary closure.

“I have a very faithful clientele so I think they will continue to use me. We are all in this together so we’ll have to stick it out together.”

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