Local group helps homeless into new homes

NOW: Local group helps homeless into new homes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A local group is making strides to end homelessness after getting almost a dozen homeless into new apartments.

Michiana Five, a local homeless advocate group, was able to get 10 people off the street and into apartments at Mar Main Apartments and Fuse Apartments.

“We helped with their application process and rides,” said John Shafer,  Michiana Five executive director. “Phone calls, meetings, follow-ups.”

Shafer said the group assisted with starter supplies, food, water, TVs, bus passes, medicinal needs, and much more. However, he said the group is in need of the following items:

1.      Televisions

2.      Kitchenware

3.      Trash bags

4.      Brooms

5.      Vacuums

6.      Fans

Shafer said getting this group placed feels great and they cannot do this without community support.

“Lives are changed and we can end homelessness one person at a time,” he said.

If you would like to donate items mentioned above contact Michiana Five at 574-607-3483.

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