Local lawmaker Jake Teshka retells shooting incident

NOW: Local lawmaker Jake Teshka retells shooting incident

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A South Bend man is behind bars after pulling the trigger in a road rage incident.

The victim, state representative Jake Teshka of South Bend, was driving his two children at the time.

This damaged car is the only thing lost for Teshka after a driver allegedly shot at him back in December.

“The first time I noticed this gentleman he was kind of right on my tail coming down the bypass and then he kind of took off and was speeding past me and I thought that was it," said Teshka.

But, that was not it. Teshka says the driver, now identified as 51-year-old Edmande Hill, caught up to Teshka shortly after when the pair hit some traffic.

The bullets shattered the driver and passenger windows and were 'just inches away from the driver's head,' according to court documents.

Teshka's head was even cut by a shard of glass.

“And then he slowed down in the right lane and as I passed on the left he fired 2 shots into the vehicle," said Teshka.

Teshka’s 3- and 6-year-old children were in the car at the time of the incident, thankfully they weren't hurt.

He thinks he angered the gunman because he was driving too slow.

It’s a moment Teshka says has changed the way he lives his everyday life.

“You know I, I certainly probably pay more attention to my fellow drivers on the road now than I ever did before and find myself looking to make sure folks next to me have both hands on the steering wheel," said Teshka.

With the driver behind bars, accused of attempted battery and criminal recklessness, Teshka feels at ease.

“Our hope is that justice is done and whatever that looks like under the current law in terms of his conviction and sentence," said Teshka.

Hill is potentially facing up to 8 1/2 years in prison from the felony charges.

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