Local man runs into circulating counterfeit cash

NOW: Local man runs into circulating counterfeit cash

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - There have been reports of counterfeit money circling the area. A South Bend man experienced counterfeit cash as he used Craigslist to not only sell a car, but to buy one on Sunday.

Gerald Zock claims that the buyer of his 2006 Ford Freestyle paid with seven counterfeit one-hundred dollar bills. But, he says he did not realize it until the police got involved in his next transaction. South Bend Police Spokesperson Ken Garcia described the fake bills, “The bills were a little bit smaller than what they’d normally be for a 100 dollar bill. And also the coloring was a little off.”

Zock tried to pay for another vehicle he found off of Craigslist that same day with the money from his previous sale. The seller recognized that the money was fake and reported it to police. Zock then bought the car with real money, and also reported his experience to police.

As online markets become more popular, officials urge the community to be aware and familiar with the currency being used. “Movie prop money was being used; I know there’s some bills that are currently going around that have a red, mandarin writing on there. So just take a look at the money. If it doesn’t feel right, you kinda know what American dollar bills and currency feels like,” said Garcia.

In addition to counterfeit awareness, officials want to make sure these types of transactions are in a safe, public place. The department has a designated internet exchange site at the building.

Police are still investigating these transactions.

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