Local McDonalds to offer free food if you "Pay in Lovin'"

By now you've probably seen McDonald's Superbowl commercial introducing a brand new way for you to pay for your food: with a little bit of love. 

Several McDonald's locations in Michiana, like the one on Indiana Ridge Boulevard in Mishawaka, are letting customers get their meal free if they pay with an act of love.

Until Valentines day February 14th, one hundred randomly selected customers from McDonald's restaurants in South Bend, Mishawaka, Plymouth, and even Edwardsburg will be told that their payment won't be in dollars and cents, but an act of “lovin'”

You perform your act of love, like calling a family member and saying you love them or showing off some dance moves, and McDonalds picks up your tab. 

According to the company, each location will have exactly 100 winners. But you have to walk through the doors to be eligible.

You can only win between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. And your chances of winning increase or decrease depending on the day and time. 

55 meals were given out at each McDonald's location between Monday and Tuesday. But that's the last time you'll see that big of a jackpot. 

Wednesday there will only be 5 winners. 

Early birds are rewarded. The peak times for the offer are in the mornings. 

Your best chance to win will be Saturday, February 4. 10 meals will be given out. 

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