Local Michiana basketball player going viral before your eyes

NOW: Local Michiana basketball player going viral before your eyes


Going viral is something Nevaeh Foster never thought would happen to her.

"We put it on instagram and I didn't expect nothing to come from it, we were just working hard, here's the video saying hey we're grinding, we're still in the gym working," Brian Foster, Nevaeh's dad said.

The sixth grade South Bend native posted a video a couple months back of her doing various basketball moves including dribbling with two balls, in a way, a replica of what Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry does before every game.

Nevaeh though doesn't worry about the spotlight, her goals are pretty simple.

"I wanted to be in the WNBA and have other opportunities to get me a scholarship to college," Foster said.

Her daily basketball workout is something you don't see too often out of sixth graders.

"At least 2 hours a day and put up 200 to 100 shots a day," Foster said.

The viral video, Nevaeh says, was pretty cool to get all the feedback from her peers, but she says that only drives her to do more.

"It motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing and not just stop," Foster said.

"They might say you're great but you can always be greater so you might've made a 100 shots today well tomorrow we're going to make 200, the next day we're going to make 300, you know there's always somebody chasing you so no matter how much attention you get, I was always try to install in her head, there's always room for improvement," Brian Foster said.

But her dad says Nevaeh's drive will never allow her to become complacent.

"She wakes me up in the summer time to go to the gym and I'm trying to get extra sleep, she'll wake me up and I'm like 'Man, I just want some sleep," Brian Foster said. ""When she wakes me up, I have no choice to go because I mean I love the game as well but when you see your kids show that same passion, I think it's pretty awesome," 

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