Local motorcycle group spends Saturday feeding seniors

NOW: Local motorcycle group spends Saturday feeding seniors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The South Bend chapter of Naptown Riders wanted to do something special for their community for the New Year.

The group took note of the crime happening in the LaSalle Park neighborhood and decided they wanted to let a few of the folks living there know there are still people who care about them and in this case are willing to cook for them too.

“Most of these people have families that don’t show up,” said Sharon Vaughn, residence service coordinator for LaSalle Park Homes. “And here somebody is knocking at their door to say i care enough for you to eat one more day.”

On the menu Saturday for seniors in this community was a special treat delivered by folks they might’ve seen and even judged before.

“We want the image to change because people look at us as just riding bikes and causing disturbances,” said Samuel Brown, a member of the Naptown Riders.

These riders are hoping to bust that image.

“We don’t just only ride motorcycles, we’re into giving,” said Ronnie Minner, the president of Naptown Riders’ South Bend chapter.

So Saturday they bussed more than 60 plates for low income families and seniors in the LaSalle Park Homes.

They say, oftentimes the neighborhood is associated with crime.

But they’re hoping their hot meals could be the start of a change.

“People look at this area and say, ‘ooh, I can’t go over there and it so it makes everyone seem in that negative light,’” said Vaughn. “But we can get through this together.”

There are about 42 seniors in that facility and about 16 folks on low income living in the surrounding apartments.

This is the third year the group has cooked for the neighborhood but it’s a tradition they’ve been doing for 30 years.

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