Local musician releases new album, 'Tall Dark Pines,' tells the story of South Bend

NOW: Local musician releases new album, ’Tall Dark Pines,’ tells the story of South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Meet David Jameson Harris. Music has always been a part of his life.

“Even when I was younger I used to play for my dad at his gigs, his Viagra Falls gigs and stuff like that,” says Harris.  

But it was not until he left home that he fell in love with the stage.

“Then, in college, I started playing in China when I was over there learning Chinese and working in the Embassy, so I was in shows and bars every single night. Eventually, I was doing TV shows which was pretty cool.”

During his time at Northwestern University, Harris studied abroad in China. When in China, he participated in TV shows. And well, Harris was a hit! He continued to be called back for opportunities even when he returned to America. He compares these shows overseas to talents shows like American Idol or the Voice, but they all had an added twist.

 “But singing was not enough I also had to do another talent, and one of my neighbors taught me how to make a Chinese crepe, and I had to sing while cooking a crepe on television.”

But now, he has brought his talents once again back home. Throughout the pandemic, Harris set out on a new goal, releasing his own album. His first album ‘Tall Dark Pines’ is a ‘traditional country’ album telling a modern story. Harris references South Bend, his own life, but also his family, even dedicating one track to his grandfather.

“So, I really like that story, and it is about how he announced the birth of one of my sisters kids, and then 9 months later he passed away. So, it is kind of a beautiful story, and the way it came together is also great.”

While he might have explored his talents abroad, it was South Bend, Indiana, that brought him back to the guitar and reminded him the power of music.

“It has definitely given me a lot of unique opportunities and emotional outlet, and I can play a song that much better describes an emotion then actually use words to say it.”

Harris’s album is available on most streaming platforms and his website. If you want to see him live, he will be performing Saturday, February 26th at the Indiana Whiskey Company. Further information can be found here.

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