Local organization crochets sleeping mats to donate to homeless

A group of women in South Bend have been crocheting sleeping mats to help the homeless, and you might be surprised by the material they’re using.

Vicki Miles and the women of her group, Sew Loved got straight to work after hearing the homeless in South Bend need more help.

"Sleeping on the cement, as you can imagine, is very cold. We need to get 10 or 12 done in the next few weeks to get these men and women up off the cement when they’re sleeping,” said Miles.

How did plastic shopping bags come to mind?

"I went on the internet and read stories about how other groups who had done this in different cities," said Miles.

But they can’t do the job alone.

“Started talking to people and Target and some other stores have donated bags," said Miles.

So with a few simple steps…

“Cut these into strips and then we need to open them and put them together into what is “Plarn”, plastic yarn, roll it in balls, and then we’re crocheting them into the sleeping mats," said Miles.

Vicki is trying to make a big difference.

“They don’t absorb moisture; it cushions them just up off the cold cement BUTT: and they’re extremely tough and durable,” said Miles.

Vicki says she is looking for more volunteers to help with the project. The group will meet at the Sew Loved Center at 103 West Wayne Street, Suite 400 in downtown South Bend from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday, October 1st.

You can contact Vicki Miles through Facebook, or send her an email at vicki@sew-loved.org.

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