Local planetarium brings holiday cheer with laser light show

PENN TOWNSHIP, Ind. - Imagine a winter wonderland, with light snow flurries dancing in the air, while listening to your favorite songs of the season.  Even though that fantasy is not a reality this year across Michiana with temperatures soaring to near record highs, Bittersweet Elementary's Planetarium transported its audience into a winter wonderland in it's "Laser Holidays" light show earlier this evening. 

The show is a professional laser light show projected onto the domed screen located inside of the planetarium.  Not only do the laser lights dance across the domed ceiling, it is also able to project falling snowflakes, making you feel like you're in a snow globe.  We caught up with Melinda O'Malley, who is the director of Penn-Harris-Madison's (P-H-M) Planetarium and Digital Video Theater, and she says that the laser light show is "pure fun, music, holiday songs with lots of light."  What better way to enjoy the wonderful show and feel like your winter wonderland without having to shovel or bundle up for the elements?

P-H-M School District held two shows Saturday following the annual Breakfast With Santa as well as two shows on Sunday, which were both shown to a packed audience.  If you and your family were not able to attend any of these light shows, there is one more opportunity on Wednesday, December 16th, to see the "Season of Light" show to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

For more information on show times, tickets, and next year's schedule , click here.

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